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Sacramento Exhibit

        I normally don't say much on this list but thought I would let everyone
know how the Russian Dinosaur Exhibit in Sacramento was. I live in Davis
and went yesterday to Old Sacramento where the exhibit is (expensive, $15
for adults). It was a slow day (empty) so he let me in for 12 and they do
not take credit cards. I was given no literature or map of any kind so this
is just what I remember, there was more. 

When you fist enter there is a T. bataar on your right. He is mounted in
the older, more upright position, probably more out need, the room is not
big enough. I was also informed these are older exhibits and had not been
"re-done" to the more current postures, although the replica of the
juvenile T. bataar was. Each fossil has a placard with rather dated art and
better text. 

In the large central room is Saurolophus, also mounted standing at
attention. I was informed by the Russian scientist that Saurolophus lived
its life in the swamp because it could not support itself with such a small
pelvic girdle (!). 

There was an Ankylosaur (Talarurus, it think), a Psittacosaur, a very small
Protoceratops and a few other dinos who's names I did not recognize, or
write down (sorry). One of those was only about three feet long and I would
swear the placard had it as a hadrosaur. 

 Also displayed were three nests with eggs, the obligatory Protoceratops
and a sauropod (sorry, I don't remember the third nest). Off in a corner
was Avimimus in a case, only the actual fossils, not a complete mount.
There was another case with a small pterosaur and a partial Longisquama.
Also a cast of an Archeopteryx. 

Both scientists were there and willing to talk, although one really
struggles with the language, which was unfortunate because he was the dino
guy (well, he likes fish more, but who would mention that in polite
company?) The other scientist was very helpful, but he works with mammals.
There were some other large critters, I remember one therapsid but didn't
really catch any names. 

So, there it is. I felt it was way too expensive for the size of the
exhibit. I would have liked to have a handout to follow all that I saw. You
are alos not allowed to take any photos. Even the gift shop was
disappointing, althought the nesting toy with a Tyrannosaur, rather than
the traditional Russian "doll" was cool. I am going back (they have better
prices for groups so I am taking my 4-H dinosaur project) and would be
happy to look at, look for or answer any questions I can. Sorry I can't
remember more details. Jennifer Kane