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Re: "Surrey Dinosaur"(Dromaeosaurid)

Jim Hower wrote-

> I have been reading about the "Surrey Dinosaur" that was discovered in
> Britain in 1982.  Has this Dromaeosaurid-like dinosaur been formally
> described and named?

The theropod in question is Baryonyx walkeri.  It's a spinosaurid named by
Charig and Milner in 1986, and described in detail by them in 1997.  The
large claw originally thought to be a pedal ungual turned out to be an
enlarged manual ungual I.  Remains have also been discovered in Spain and
some think the recently described Suchomimus belongs in this genus (if not
species).  Here are some references:
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theropod dinosaur.  Nature (London) 324 p. 359-361.
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Baryonyx walkeri, in the light of Gauthier's reclassification of the
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Mickey Mortimer