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Dinosaur Question

I usually just lurk on this list, there are alot of interesting 
discussions going on here, but I have to tell everyone that I think I 
am way out of the loop...there are dinosaurs out now that were not 
even around when I was a kid...and that brings me to my question..

My son was watching tv the other day, and there were dinosaurs 
on the show he was watching...I dont really know what it was, he 
will watch TLC or Discovery if there are dinosaurs on it. :-) Well he 
asked me about this dinosaur and I didnt know what it was, so I 
thought I would ask for some help.

The dinosaur in question is bipedial, I am assuming its a carnivore 
(Yes I do know where assumptions can get you). It appears to be a 
small species of the tyrano family. The distiquishing feature is that 
it has a very large sail running down the middle of its back...if 
anyone can help me I would be real apprecative...Those that have 
children out there know they expect you to know everything...and 
by God I was going to find out...so even if you can send me a web 
address or something.. I would really appreciate that.

Thanks in advance
Jonathan M. Thompson
ICQ 5790099/AOL(IM) GreyLnsman/IRC Gry_Lnsmn
"Ask anyone who has created a campaign world from scratch how hard it was, and 
you'll get a solemn
look and wry smile. Ask them if it's finished and you'll get gales of laughter, 
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