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Re: [Dinosaur Question]


    If it had a sail down the middle of its back, then it was a Spinosaur. Did
the show say what locality it was from? 
   BTW (this is for the list), how, by the time of name, does one distinguish
between Family Class, Genera, etc. ?

                                  Hope that answers your question,
                                  Caleb Lewis 

"Jonathan M. Thompson" <grylnsmn@prysm.net> wrote:
> I usually just lurk on this list, there are alot of interesting 
> discussions going on here, but I have to tell everyone that I think I 
> am way out of the loop...there are dinosaurs out now that were not 
> even around when I was a kid...and that brings me to my question..
> My son was watching tv the other day, and there were dinosaurs 
> on the show he was watching...I dont really know what it was, he 
> will watch TLC or Discovery if there are dinosaurs on it. :-) Well he 
> asked me about this dinosaur and I didnt know what it was, so I 
> thought I would ask for some help.
> The dinosaur in question is bipedial, I am assuming its a carnivore 
> (Yes I do know where assumptions can get you). It appears to be a 
> small species of the tyrano family. The distiquishing feature is that 
> it has a very large sail running down the middle of its back...if 
> anyone can help me I would be real apprecative...Those that have 
> children out there know they expect you to know everything...and 
> by God I was going to find out...so even if you can send me a web 
> address or something.. I would really appreciate that.
> Thanks in advance
> Jonathan M. Thompson
> grylnsmn@prysm.net
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