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Re: Dinosaur Question

"Jonathan M. Thompson" wrote:

> The dinosaur in question is bipedial, I am assuming its a carnivore
> (Yes I do know where assumptions can get you). It appears to be a
> small species of the tyrano family. The distiquishing feature is that
> it has a very large sail running down the middle of its back...if
> anyone can help me I would be real apprecative...Those that have
> children out there know they expect you to know everything...and
> by God I was going to find out...so even if you can send me a web
> address or something.. I would really appreciate that.

Sounds to me it was a Spinosaur, not a tyrannosaur.  Tyrannosaurs do not have 
sails on their backs
(though I could be proven wrong at any moment). It really all depends on the 
digits on the front legs.
Tyrannosaurs have been known to only have two but if this dinosaur had three 
than it really was of the
Carnosaur family (same family that Allosaurus, Dilophosaurus and Ceratosaurs 
belongs to).


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