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Re: Sue(was: Running T. rex)

At 12:26 PM 12/24/2000 -0500, you wrote:
Chris Brochu wrote:
> And Sue is an "it," not a "she."
Sue has a feminine nickname.

If ship captains can refer to their ships(which certainly is an *it*) in the
feminine gender, we should call Sue, she, if we so desire.

Ships are inanimate objects. They have no gender. "Sue" is a dinosaur. It did have gender. We have no idea what it was/is, despite what Pete Larson said originally (the whole "first chevron" stuff). Chris Brochu has studied "Sue" in more detail than any other researcher. He wrote a paper on the specimen that has been eagerly awaited by many (myself included) for some time now. I will read his conclusions and look at the evidence he gives for the lack of any gender characteristics in this skeleton. I will compare it to what Pete Larson wrote before the skeleton was prepped. I will see who has the more compelling evidence. I know who I am more inclined to believe, but we shall see.

I am sure Dr. Brochu made the statement he did to try to stop the perpetuation of the myth of a definite gender identity in this particular specimen.

If you still think "it" should be referred to as "she", state your evidence and I will consider it.

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