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Re: Brontosaurus

Brontosaurus seems to have hung on because Museum displays are not
changed frequently. A number of skeletons were labelled "Brontosaurus"
before the synonymy was recognised (The type of Apatosaurus was rather
scrappy and no mounted skeleton was made, nor any referred to it). When
dinosaurs began to be popular it was the name displayed those gigantic
skeletons that became popular along with them (even though it wasn't
technically correct).<<<

This is largely correct, but there's a little more to it. Sinclair oil sent out educational packets in the 10's and 20's to most every public school in the U.S. This was name-brand marketing under the guise of education. Because "Brontosaurus" was the critter on their logo, it featured most prominently in the packets, with pictures, etc. of their beast. As a result, very early on their was a derth of literature with the name Brontosaurus in it, at which time events went much as described in the first paragraph.

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