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Christmas Day

There was a time when people could not expect to live past age 40, when survival depended on memory and repeated patterns of behavior, when the group into which you were born was your only reliable resource, when the seasons of the year and the weather were a mortal threat.
I think that the winter here in a 'temperate climate (the average of the many days that are too cold or too hot) can still call those feelings, even now when we have choices and time and opportunities to be just curious.
There have long been festivals in the dead of winter, when a belief in spring, a coming better time, is affirmed and people share what they have created or found to make others happier.  This list is an on-going festival, where the gifts are knowledge and insight, and we are all confident that we are learning more, better off this year than last, and will come to know enough to begin to be satisfied.
This is a good place to be.  Thank you.