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Re: Mystery sickle dragon

Dan Bensen wrote-

> On the web, the above picture is labled Therizinosaurus composite, but
> the book labels the same picture Nanshiungosaurus.  So, what's the
> story?

That picture is a composite of quite a few segnosaurs.  The skull and feet
are from Erlikosaurus, the presacral vertebrae and pelvis from
Nanshiungosaurus, the scapulocoracoid and lower leg from Segnosaurus, the
arm and hand from Therizinosaurus, and the distal scapula, ribs, femur,
distal pubis and tail hypothetical.  Well, I suppose the femur could be from
Segnosaurus, but I've never seen a figure of it.  Unfortunately,
therizinosaurids are all known from rather crappy remains, so such
composites are needed.  Actually, I think Segnosaurus alone could be
reconstructed with some accuracy, but that has yet to happen....
Merry Christmas!

Mickey Mortimer