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hi all,
i've received "the Scientific American Book of Dinosaurs" for Christmas, and something on the cover has captured my interest..
There is a little picture of what looks like an ornithomimosaur with an oviraptorid head(it's the third picture from the bottom).I'd like only to know if it's an actual animal and i've been confused by my ingorance, or if it is an old reconstruction.
What  made me think about the ornithomimosaurian nature of the body are the the long tail, the pelvic and shoulder girdles and the foot( there would surely be something else, but i don't know), but i still could have interpreted these features badly.
The head looks clearly oviraptorid to me.
Only a question, not intended as a criticism to the book;
if only somebody with the book at hand could suggest something, i'd  be really grateful.
Filippo Calzolari