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Estimate of Number of Paleontological Papers In the Universe: Re: paper request

Now here's an interesting question that, at least, has a finite answer as
compared to, say, how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

How many paleontological papers can one suppose to have actually been written
and published since the beginning of such things? Or since, perhaps, 1880 to
pick an arbitrary date.

I'd guess that it's a six figure number, but maybe I'm over estimating.

Anyone have a guess?

There's no prize, mind you, but the scope of it could be enlightening.


Caleb Lewis wrote:

> All,
>    Since I am still learning, and would like to expand my knowledge, could
> everyone e-mail me every paleontological paper they have on their computer?
> Thanks a lot!
>                                       Thank you all very much,
>                                       Caleb Lewis
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