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Re: [Re: Validity of *Suchomimus*]

>   This is without consideration of what makes *Cristatusaurus*
> indistinctive or indifferential from other spinosaurid premaxillae
> (*Baryonyx*, *Irritator* [sensu *Angaturama*], and *Spinosaurus
> maroccanus* have premaxillae to compare) which is largely how you
> determine a _nomen dubium_. The premaxillae are distinctive, in the
> position and size of the alveoli (medium, large, large, diastema,
> medium, medium, diastema, small, small) 

   Is this also true with other dinosaur types besides Spinosaurids?

in *Baryonyx*, *Suchomimus*,
> and *Cristatusaurus*. The premaxillae in *Baryonyx* are unfused, but
> those of *Suchomimus* are partially fused, with a midline crest that
> is low and robust; *Cristatusaurus* is known from two sets of
> premaxillae, one unfused and eroded at the crest, the other completely
> fused with a high, narrow crest.

   Could _Cristatusaurus_ then be perhaps an intermediary evolutionary stage
between the other two (mind you, I don't know the dates or localities of any
of the three, this is just a suggestion off the top of my head.... keeping in
mind that it's now midnight, but enough rambling...)

  Also, to specify my paper request, could I get any and all papers on
Spinosaurids that anyone here has? I'm finding this topic to be very
interesting. :)

>Where the Wind Comes Sweeping Down the Pampas!!!!

   (off-list question) Where do you get that? It's been getting stuck in my
head every time I read it, and I keep trying to put it to a tune... It's
driving me nuts! 

                                             Night all,
                                             Caleb Lewis

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