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RE: [Re: paper request]

Would it be possible for someone to set up an ftp site?  That way the
papers could be easily accessed by anyone.  It would also provide a
single location to post recent papers for anyone to find.

At 05:45 PM 12/27/00 MST, you wrote:
>Well, this message made me wake up a little to exactly what i was asking.
>since my web e-mail can't handle it, please send to my alternative e-mail:
>dwlewis@rmii.com, and if you don't want to send them all at once (do to
>of time it would take), please send them seperately, like once a day, or
>a month, or whatever. THanks a million, all!
>                                          Paleo lover,
>                                          Caleb Lewis
>"Mickey_Mortimer" <Mickey_Mortimer@email.msn.com> wrote:
>> You wrote-
>> >    Since I am still learning, and would like to expand my knowledge,
>> > everyone e-mail me every paleontological paper they have on their
>> computer?
>> As much as I love helping people by providing information through e-mail
>> such, this is a rather large order.  I'm only an amateur and I have
>> Bambiraptor, Microraptor, Fukuiraptor, Scipionyx, Caudipteryx and
>> Protarchaeopteryx (as well as many JVP abstracts and everything on
>> Polyglot).  Those all total five megabytes or so.  I don't know about
>> but I have a 56k modem.  If you do too, and I sent you those articles,
>> server would reach its max or you would have to wait forty minutes for
>> e-mail to be recieved (and I would have to wait that long to send them in
>> any case).  And if all thirty or more listmembers with papers sent them
>> you.......let's just say it wouldn't be good.  Not to mention the time
>> wasted on repeats that several people have.  Not to burst your bubble,
>> I'd be very surprised if this is the only e-mail about this you receive.
>> But hey, we all have to start somewhere.  So, you can choose one article
>> from those I listed above and I'll send it to you.  Good luck.

This just gets under my skin. I know it's hard sometimes to get articles.
But its impossible to get them all on line. You have to do it the old
fashion way and go to the library and get them your self. If you're not
close to a library try writing to a University or Museum library and ask if
they'll copy the article (if they have it) for a fee. They may not answer
back either do to personal or not enough time. I've had these kinds of
problems and I know many others have also, but that is the best way to do
it. Not go ON-LINE and get it.
As far as putting all my articles on line. NO WAY. I know Caleb (or who ever
it was) is trying his best, but I have thousands of articles.
Also, there is the copy write laws and in the news the government is
tracking down things like this.
So, get on a plane (I've made many a vacation to museums and university and
made plans on going to libraries and copying articles), bus, train, and car
what ever and go get it yourself. It's good experience and you learn the