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    Well, I've reached the conclusion that my broad paper request was just
plain stupid, and a waste of everyone's time. I would like to formally
apologize to everyone for wasting their time and making myself look like an
idiot to a bunch of professionals. I guess I let my obsessive-cumpulsive
tendencies to get the best of me again, and would like to apologize for that.
However, some of you did provide me with some things, and I would like to
thank all of you who did. I would also like to apologize to Micky Mortimer for
broadcasting an off-list e-mail to me onto the entire list, and would like to
also mention that I would not have done so if I felt something in that e-mail
should not have been broadcast, or would have at least edited that part out. 
   On a lighter note though, I have, through the recent and still-ongoing
debate about this topic, become rather interested in Spinosaurids, and would
like to know how I might obtain more literature and info on them (books, paper
REFS, etc...). Thank you all, and good day.

                                     Caleb Lewis

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