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Re: [Re: Sue(was: Running T. rex)] (JOKE)

<???!!!  Having trudged through 5 inches of snow and braved a subzero wind
to get to work today, Iowa is not my idea of "subtropical"!>

Ah, only 5 inches, must have been a backdraft as the storm brushed by, or
perhaps Iowa is where withered storms go to lie gently as they disperse.
When I was a boy here in Connecticut, I can remember the sudden flash of my
spaniel's fur as he leapt from the smooth snow beneath the drift and the
huffing sound as he tunneled to a forsythia bush lost to my sight until
  I have a sequence of photographs of my daughter, first standing in the
midst of a low snow hillock on the driveway, raising the handle of her snow
shovel in happy determination, then slipping and sinking one shot at a time
until the snow covers her and she is gone.  I remember her little voice,
blown to me in barely recognizable shreds in the gale, as she shouted,
'Thanks a lot for laughing, Dad!'
  Ah, I'll visualize these moments of childish unpaid labor forever, even
when snowblindness has reduced my sight to the after-images of strobe