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Dinosaurnews.org - an introduction to a FREE webzine

List members,

Please allow me to introduce a new webzine  DINOSAURNEWS.ORG.
This is a free online publication which features the latest dinosaur news,
links and associated items.

As a nonprofit, compendium site we welcome both contributions and
subscriptions to the mail list.  If you would like to receive our postings
simply email this address:  subscribe@dinosaurnews.org

With best wishes for the New Year

In your FREE Dinosaur webzine this month:

**  The feathered dinosaurs of Liaoning 
Astonishing fossils are being pulled out of the ground in the remote hills
of Liaoning Province, China

**  Yucatan Crater Linked To Mass Extinctions Of Dinosaurs Scientists at The
University of Texas at Austin Sunday presented a report offering new
geophysical clues to a cataclysmic event that may have killed off the

**  Never too old to tell a story A part of the sea reached central India
and plant fossils in the western ghats are similar to those in East Africa! 

**  South African Fish For The Internet
Scientists have confirmed that Internet users around the World will soon be
watching footage of the rare 400-million-year-old coelacanth fish discovered
off South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal coast

**  T-Rex damages slashed An Adelaide court yesterday reduced by $20 million
the damages awarded to the owner of a 12-metre-high robotic T-Rex that burnt
to a shell in an accidental fire 15 years ago

**  Dinoquest Sahara 
While the heat and dust are hard on us and our equipment, the Sahara's
bone-preserving dryness makes for some remarkably rich fossil beds

**  New Mexico a Dinosaur Hotbed 
There is a reason fossil hunters have been digging dinosaur bones in New
Mexico for more than a century 

**  Did Asteroid-Induced Firestorm Destroy the Dinosaurs? 

All these and more in DINOSAURNEWS.ORG - the webzine with bite!

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