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Re: Microvenatoridae?

I wrote-

> Slight disagreement.  While it is true Caudipteryx and Microvenator have
> never been in a published phylogenetic analysis together, the
> segnosaur/oviraptorosaur/Caudipteryx trichotomy has been tested.  Both Tom
> Holtz and I have included all three in our unpublished analyses.  I find
> (Segnosauria (Caudipteryx + other oviraptorosaurs)), Holtz finds
> (Caudipteryx (Segnosauria + Oviraptorosauria)).  Not a consensus, but
> certainly tested.

Oops, forgot Sereno's analysis.  It agrees with mine in this respect-
(Segnosauria (Caudipteryx + other oviraptorosaurs)).  I suppose this
hypothesis is officially the majority viewpoint, but I'm not saying anything
for certain until I see Tom's paper in the Ostrom Symposium Proceedings (so
about 2010 or so :-) ).

Mickey Mortimer