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Re: [Re: Microvenatoridae?]

Curious, could (and where could) I get papers on these two (Caud. and Micro.)?
Furthermore, is there some sort of "Idiot's Guide to Cladistics" out there
that would serve as a good intro to the whole Cladistics game? Because all it
does right now (for the most part) is rattle my brains... Thanks. 

                                       Thanks all
                                       Caleb Lewis

Cave, cogiturus sum!

"Mickey_Mortimer" <Mickey_Mortimer@email.msn.com> wrote:
> Jaime Headden wrote-
> > *Microvenator* and *Caudipteryx* have
> > never been put into a publish analysis together, and the nature of the
> > segnosaur/oviraptorosaur/*Caudipteryx* trichotomy has not been tested.
> Slight disagreement.  While it is true Caudipteryx and Microvenator have
> never been in a published phylogenetic analysis together, the
> segnosaur/oviraptorosaur/Caudipteryx trichotomy has been tested.  Both Tom
> Holtz and I have included all three in our unpublished analyses.  I find
> (Segnosauria (Caudipteryx + other oviraptorosaurs)), Holtz finds
> (Caudipteryx (Segnosauria + Oviraptorosauria)).  Not a consensus, but
> certainly tested.
> Mickey Mortimer

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