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Posting articles from Nature

I got the following message from Marie Williams of Nature, in response to my 
inquiry on hypothetically posting Nature papers on our or any other site.  
With Ms. Williams' permission, here is Nature's position on that.  Note that 
one may post abstracts as long as Nature's guidelines are followed.


Dear Ms. Kirkaldy,
Thank you for your message below, concerning the electronic reprinting of 
articles published in Nature.

As electronic publishing becomes more common and necessary, we find it 
essential to protect the work that we have published from other distribution
by others. Our prime concern here is to have one clear source of what is a 
Nature article, namely Nature itself. As such, we are unwilling to grant 
permission for items appearing in the journal to be posted on other
electronic sites. We appreciate that new technologies such as PDF are 
creating the opportunity for us to review our policy, both in relation to 
authors themselves and in relation to third parties. This we are currently 
doing, and we expect to reach a decision on this issue soon. Any change in 
policy will be publicly announced.

In the meantime, we can grant permission for requests to abstract the 
article, in place of the full article. You may simply post the title, 
subtitle, author's names and addresses and the full citation. In this way you 
will draw attention to the article for those visiting your site while not 
infringing any copyright.


Yours sincerely,

Marie Williams

Nature Permissions