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Re: [Re: paper request]

Hi all,

I strongly urge you to consult a copyright attorney before you implement this

Best wishes,


Larry Febo wrote:

> >On Thu, 28 Dec 2000, Tracy Ford wrote:
> >
> >> Would it be possible for someone to set up an ftp site?  That way the
> >> papers could be easily accessed by anyone.  It would also provide a
> >> single location to post recent papers for anyone to find.
> >
> >I could set up a directory on the Dinosauricon. If enough people e-mail
> >documents to <dinosaur@dinosauricon.com>, I'll set something up.
> Perhaps it could be set up even for "temporary" storage of papers (for a
> weeks duration?). It could serve the Dinolist discussions better, if the
> papers cited in these discussions could be made available to other  Dinolist
> members in a timely fashion, so that others might join in the discussion.