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Re: [Re: paper request]

In a message dated Fri, 29 Dec 2000 11:12:59 AM Eastern Standard Time, "Larry 
Febo" <larryf@capital.net> writes:

< Perhaps it could be set up even for "temporary" storage of papers (for a 
weeks duration?). It could serve the Dinolist discussions better, if the 
papers cited in these discussions could be made available to other  Dinolist 
members in a timely fashion, so that others might join in the discussion. >
Whoa.  What papers are we talking about?  As Mickey Rowe wrote yesterday, 
there are copyright issues involved in posting papers without permission.  
Any papers freely available on the web can be accessed by any list members 
without having to gather them onto a special site.  Papers which are not 
on-line, which may be in either easy or hard-to-find journals similarly 
cannot be posted (as in scanned and put on a website) without infringment of 

Anyone who wants to see a Nature or Science paper can:
- Subscribe (student rates are very low)
- Go to the library and read the journal/make a personal copy
- Order a paper (Science will fax you a paper for $8.00 or send you that 
edition of the journal for $8.00.)

As Tracy wrote, everything is not going to be available on the web, and 
finding the papers may even be good for you.  Dare we say that it might even 
be called research?