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Re: paper request

HP Barton wrote:
<As I had posted previously today--and Mike Keesey wrote--abstracts may be
put on the web, along with urls.  That will alert interested persons as to
what has been published and where.>

Respectfully delaying compliance with his request for a return to the
content of dinosaur science rather than its means of distribution, I'd like
to second this observation about gathering whatever material can be compiled
without legal complications.
Abstract, url, even the whole article where appropriate (as when the article
is about to be removed from a website), whatever resources can be made
available more easily should be.  I hope nothing said in this thread delays
the  projects of information gathering discussed previously.

Finally, a question of my own.  A discussion at my local library gives me
the impression that they might be willing to purchase books, maybe
periodicals, about dinosaurs.  There have been recommendations about what
books an individual should have, but I'm not certain the same list would
apply to a library.  I'm going to be going back soon (or I'll be adding
another brick to the possible new wing I've requested be called the
'procrastinatory' after my prior contributions... uh, late charges), and I'd
like to be able to be specific if the conversation resumes.  Any
Thank you!