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RE: [Re: paper request]


Well,...I gues it just boils down to a question of money! $8 per article
just seems rather steep.And in this day and age of computers and the
internet, all this data should be more readily available to the public.

Ah yes, the great internet and everything should be free on it for everyone.
So people can cut articles and post them without regard of copyrights. This
is one reason why I don't have a site.
can`t see how going through stacks of printed journals could possibly be
"good for you"!
Why? How else are you going to find articles? Or even articles that you
didn't even think about? I've walked the stacks for years and will
constantly find articles that I want in volumes I hadn't thought about
looking in before.
 OK,...perhaps  if we`re going to continue living in the
past, and college students will continue to have to do it this way for years
to come but it certainly isn`t progress, and the absence of progress seems,
(to me), not good.

Living in the past? It takes money to publish articles, to write, to
research, so everyone needs to just say, hey, I don't need money to do
research I'll just put it all on line and GIVE it away. Nope, it ain't gonna
happen. If the researchers have to do it, the people who want it need to do
it also. There are country's who don't have the money to do it, should they
go broke just for the internet?

Perhaps a compromise would be for all libraries with computers to have
access to these papers. These institutions reimbursing the journals for the
priviledge. Perhaps they in turn could charge on a 25 cent per page basis.
Maybe these journals would generate more income for themselves, if they made
access more available to people like me who live in small towns.

If they could, they would.

Research should be investigating what`s out there as far as subject matter.
It shouldn`t be figuring out how to obtain material that is known to exist!
(OK,...I`m done ranting on this topic).
People now a days, what it all with just a click.