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Re: paper request

philidor11 wrote:

> Abstract, url, even the whole article where appropriate (as when the article
> is about to be removed from a website), whatever resources can be made
> available more easily should be.

removal of an article from a website doesn't release copyright restrictions and
doesn't make it legally available for duplication elsewhere.  Other than that, I
agree that this sentiment would be desirable insofar as copyright laws are

> Finally, a question of my own.  A discussion at my local library gives me
> the impression that they might be willing to purchase books, maybe
> periodicals, about dinosaurs.  There have been recommendations about what
> books an individual should have, but I'm not certain the same list would
> apply to a library.

I'm a board director of a foundation that helps support a local library in a
small town in western Missouri.  Among other things (computer purchases,
maintenance, etc.) we allocate money each year for the purchase of books and
sometimes make suggestions about possible topics for purchase.  I would welcome
specific suggestions re appropriate scientific purchases for a relatively small

As an aside, I have the distinct impression that some of the contributors to
this thread may not be cognizant of the cost allocations required to maintain a
library.  I'm not sure that I am either, but I am sure that most libraries could
desperately use more help and support, and encourage all of you to do so
whenever possible.

Best wishes,

Jim Cunningham