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Re: Dinofest Recollections

In a message dated 12/26/00 10:32:47 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
dinoland@lycos.com writes:

>  Sereno's African Giants exhibit was there, along with a nice Maryland 
> dinosaur exhibit (with Astrodon material).  The ceratopsian exhibit was 
> the best, with cast skulls or skeletons from at least eight different 
> ceratopsians, including Tyrannosaurus, Montanaceratops, Einiosaurus, and 
> Avaceratops, present.  
As one of the contributors to the Arundel exhibit, I had a considerable bit 
more material to loan for the exhibit than was actually taken. Space 
limitations, transportation logistics as well as the material from other 
contibutors presented a difficult choice for the person who put it together, 
Dr. Peter Kranz. There should have als been there some Astrodon food (plant 
fossils) and a couple theropod and croc teeth from moi! 

Hopefully the next Dinofest will be more like the Philly one was!

Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies