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Re: Paleo Find ("Millennium Man")

WHOA! Hold on,
I guess I didn't make my choice clear. I wasn't talking about skulls in Georgia.
My pick is the 6 million-year-old ancestors of humans which they found in Kenya. I think they nicknamed it "Millennium Man" or something like that.
That increases the length of our human lineage back another 1.6 million years. Far more significant than Microraptor in my opinion.
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Subject: Paleo Find of the Year 2000 Announced
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 14:37:28 -0600

Just to let you all know, the results from my poll regarding the Paleo Find of the Year 2000 are now official. The panel was rather small this year, which was my fault because I didn't devote as much time to it as I did last year. However, I believe that the results are still interesting.

Take a look at the winner for yourself at:


Have a Happy New Year,

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