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RE: [Re: paper request]

I whole heartedly agree with Tracy to wit he opined,

What he said. I'm noticing that some of what I've responed to is some how
getting to the point in which people are thinking that I'm the origantor of
the post. I've seen several where my name in on the top of the list, but
what follows is not what I said but what the person before said and I was
responding to. Tom knows me and I know he knows what I wrote and was
responding to.

To wit. 1978 my family and I went from San Diego to the Los Angles Natural
History Museum. I found a copy of George Olshevsky's Archosaur/Dinosaur taxa
list. There were many names in it that I hadn't heard of. So on a whim I
wrote to him in Toronto. I didn't hear from him until several months later
and he was in San Diego. I asked about the Frence Compsognathid skeleton (I
remember it to this day. I saw a life reconstruction in a book and was
interested in it.). He didn't have the article and really didn't have time
to go to the library to find dinosaur articles. Hmm..what to do. Did I just
sit on my ass and forget about it? NO! I wrote back and said basically that
since I'm interested in the articles and he's interested in the articles and
he didn't have time that I would go to the libraries and copy them. SO I GOT
OFF MY ASS and started to go to the libraries, not only in town, but when I
went on vacation. To this day there are several if not hundreds of articles
that I still need and either can't find, or just don't have the time to go
to the 'right' libraries and get copies of them.
People, stop this crap about just going on line and getting it!!! You have
to get off your ass and go to the libraries, do the research!!!