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Re: _Galtonia gibbidens_ and Dinosaur Genera


Thank you for your reply.

There is also an illustration of the tooth in_Dinosaurs of the East Coast_
by Weishampel and Young.  It is on page 92 of the trade paperback edition.

I will try the AMNH Fossil Vertebrate Collection.  I would like to see it if

Was the tooth part of the fossil material Cope sold to AMNH in the 1890's?


Jim Hower
Sue-the "It" T-rex

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"...I live in PA (USA).  The teeth of _Galtonia gibbidens_(Hunt & Lucas
1994)* are so far the only dinosaur skeletal remains found in the
state(besides trace fossils/tracks). Are the teeth or the cast of the teeth
on display at a museum for the public to see? If so, where?"

    The only known (at least to me) material of this dinosaur is the
Lectotype, AMNH 2339, an almost complete premaxillary tooth.

    It is not on display there, I feel reasonably certain, but, for example,
is illustrated in lingual view on Page 432 of DINOSAURS THE ENCYCLOPEDIA, by
Donald F. Glut, 1997, McFarland & Company, Inc., Box 611, Jeffewrson, North
Carolina 28640.

    You might try, on-line, the AMNH Fossil Vertebrate Collection, but for
some reason I cannot successfully log in on their link:

    Maybe someone has a better link than that.

    Hope this helps.

    Ray Stanford