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Re: _Galtonia gibbidens_ and Dinosaur Genera

Jim Hower further asked:

"Was the tooth part of the fossil material Cope sold to AMNH in the 1890's?"

    According to Lucas and Hunt (1994), a new species of Thecodontosaurus,
T. gibbidens, had been erected by E. D. Cope (1878) upon syntypes, being
teeth collected by C.M. Wheatley from strata now designated as the New
Oxford Formation, near Emiggsville, York Co, PA, and which Huene (1921)
incorrectly implied were found in thge Lockatong Formation at Phoenixville,
Chester Co., PA.

    As measured by Hunt and Lucas, the lectotype tooth has a height of up to
6.5 mm, a basal-crown width of 2.5 mm, and a basal crown length of 5 mm.

    Hope this helps.

    Ray Stanford