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A New Year's Prediction

Sometime before many begin the 3000's dinosaurs will again feel the rain and wind and sunshine.
And so many questions will be answered.
One day, a large sauropod will stand in a field, relaxed and happy.  Some distance off, two people will take their places, solemn with the importance of this test.  Looking at each other, they nod, agreeing to begin.
'Come here, girl, come on apatosaur!'
'Ah, brontosaur, my beauty, come to me!'
The great beast looks up, hears, and feels her instincts choose.  She walks slowly, heart beating faster, the ground trembling.  She lowers her head.
'Bronty, you're wonderful.'
She is scratched behind the ears.
'Reptile!' says the defeated.
With a restrained but definite flick of her tail she resents.
I'm expecting great things of the next 1000 years.