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Re: [Re: paper request]

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From: Tompaleo@aol.com <Tompaleo@aol.com>
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Date: Saturday, December 30, 2000 3:52 PM
Subject: Re: [Re: paper request]
>I whole heartedly agree with Tracy to wit he opined,
>>  Ah yes, the great internet and everything should be free on it for
>>  So people can cut articles and post them without regard of copyrights.
>>  is one reason why I don't have a site.
>It all boils down to this increasing (and increasingly annoying) trend
>towards the need for _instant_ gratificatoion_. Many  people these days,
>everything handed to them on a silver platter. It is symptomatic of the
>of our culture towards fat, lazy and stupid! Never mind doing the foot work
>or shedding the blood, sweat and tears RESEARCHING or _working towards a
>just whine loud enough and long enough and maybe someone will hand it to
>The Internet is a tool with which to communicate and to _conduct_ research.
>It is not as many now seem to believe, a panacea for the lazy or the cheap.

*Hey, microfilm was invented as a way to store articles in a small space,
and make it easier to locate. We now have the technology  of Computers to
make this even easier, so why not???

>>  can`t see how going through stacks of printed journals could possibly be
>>  "good for you"!
>Pesrsonally, I love rummaging through libraries and stacks of journals to
>point of information overload. The fact is that doing this adds up the $$
>quickly also helps one to learn to _prioritize_ and to _focus_ more clearly
>on the problem at hand. I am an older student with a wife children, bills,
>mortgage and now student loans to pay. Do you think it's any easier for me?
>Time is an even more limted quantity than money is. I can't get to the
>library a fraction of the amount of time that I'd like to so I have learned
>to network and be creative in obtaining that which I need for my work. This
>passion of mine has cost me dearly but the rewards are so worth it.
>>  How else are you going to find articles? Or even articles that you
>>  didn't even think about? I've walked the stacks for years and will
>>  constantly find articles that I want in volumes I hadn't thought about
>>  looking in before.

>Exactly! I find this is so even with my own personal library of journals
>(i.e. JVP, Geology, Geotimes, and Scinece).  Furthermore, careful attention
>to the _BIBLIOGRAPHY_ of such papers often creates another list of refs to
>find. Just like the WWW, it is a seemingly never ending process. But that's
>the fun of it, pursuit of knowlege.

*Don`t you think if all these articles were listed in a comprehensive
bibliography on a computer hard drive, they might be easier to search (by
subject etc.?)?

>>   OK,...perhaps  if we`re going to continue living in the
>>  past, and college students will continue to have to do it this way for
>>  to come but it certainly isn`t progress, and the absence of progress
>>  (to me), not good.>   I
>>  can`t see how going through stacks of printed journals could possibly be
>>  "good for you"!
>A typically myopic and selfish attitude but considering events of the last
>decade But what else is new?  If immediate satisfaction is not obtained, it
>must not be "progress" , or it's "unfair" or "predjudicial"  etc.! Thats
>Hell, if this  (the cost of doing "science" was _easy_ and _cheap_ then of
>what value is the "science" that results.

*Hey! What`s wrong with wanting fast results (as far as finding
papers,...which is what I`m talking about here)? Perhaps "myopic and
selfish" would appropriately label an "oldtimer", who had to "hoof it",
cause computers were not available, and who is jealous of a younger
generation whose future seems easier in some ways due to technological
I once did an exterior paint job for a wealthy "senior citizen". Huge house.
I went out and purchased an airless sprayer, and had the job done in about
half the time it would have taken by hand. After finishing , the senior told
me he didn`t like sprayers (although they do a fine job, and put on just as
much paint). Somehow, cause I got it done fast, he was somehow
disappointed,..maybe remembered how long it took himself once! By the way,
he didn`t ask how much the sprayer cost, (and it was a fraction of what I
spent on this computer!).

*Hey! I`m an old timer myself,...almost 50! I went through the stacks
plenty, in obtaining my undergrad and masters degrees. Now that I`m
researching as a hobbie, I still think the system could be improved. A home
computer should be a portal to universal knowledge. That`s why I bought it!

>Time, money and long
>hours of _work_ are the prime ingredients to getting to the publication
>stage. Publication can and often leads to getting research money. A
>feedback loop is created rather than a purely negative one.
>It also takes time and money to have someone digitize, create and maintain
>the computers, data and websites which adds to this unseen cost just so
>someone can have a freebie in almost no time!

*So? I`m not talking about freebies. Pay for access websites could be set
up, perhaps (and ideally) on a pay per article basis.

*This is the age of the internet,.....let`s get "with it"!