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Re: Instant Gratification (was re: paper request)

  Just wanted to weigh in with a quick comment about the rather casual 
attitude toward copyrights we've been hearing about here. Images are 
copyrighted also. It's been my policy as a paleolife artist to make my images 
available gratis to students and educational organizations as long as 
permission is asked. I'm happy to do it, as I consider that part of my job. 
All I ask is that my copyright is credited along with the image. This has 
worked very well and I'm very happy with the venues in which my paintings 
have appeared.
  There have been a number of instances, however, where my art has been 
simply hijacked without permission or credit. The culprits have all been 
(fanfare, please) commercial fossil dealers. Apparently, there are a lot of 
mosasaurs for sale out there. Going from my base rate for a one-time 
reproduction fee, these losses to me in income amount to several thousand 
dollars. Consequences of copyright infringement operate in a very real way, 
believe me! Don't monkey with copyrighted material unless you have the proper 
permission, please.
  This will be the last time I rant about commercial fossil dealers and 
copyrights this year. Promise. Happy New Year everybody! Dan Varner.