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Re: Instant Gratification (was re: paper request)

At 2:25 PM -0600 12/31/00, Steve  Brusatte wrote:

As an example, I'm a 16 year old student. I take a biology course, and as a project we recently had to write a paper on certain coenzymes, their functions, their sources, etc. I was, honest to goodness, one of only two or three kids in the whole class (40 kids) to use a non-internet source. And, to make this more amazing, these internet sources that the other kids used were not scientific papers (as we are debating in this ongoing post), but simple websites from universities and other students.

This sounds distressingly common. Evidently many students go even further, picking stuff up from the web and passing it off as their own work. There's even a search engine/web site set up for faculty members so they can check for documents with suspiciously similar wording. ("How did that football player suddenly become literate?" asked Professor Jones.)

Learning how to search the web effectively is a valuable skill that complements library skills. It's particularly important in areas like Paleontology where there are rich archives that are not available readily on-line. -- Jeff Hecht