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Re: Instant Gratification (was re: paper request)

Right on Dan !  If any of you wish to see another case of copyright infringment,
go to:


Note that if you click on the purple icon near the image of the audiobook, it
will broadcast the complete text to you.  There are also attached instructions
for burning the 'free' book to a CD or DVD.  It would seem that they do not have
copyright authorization to do that, and this is a fairly well-known book, at
least to my generation.  Folks, this sort of thing is Wrong, Wrong, Wrong !!!
Anyone who does this is stealing directly from Mr. Heinlein's widow.  Anyone who
does it with paleontological publications is doing the same thing to someone

Dan, you may elect not to rant about it again this year, but I may.  My wife and
I are going to the movie shortly, but I think I'll connect and make one last 
of the year when we get home.


P.S.  In order to stay on topic, think dinosaurs (or pterodactyls, at least).

Danvarner@aol.com wrote:

>   Just wanted to weigh in with a quick comment about the rather casual
> attitude toward copyrights we've been hearing about here. Images are
> copyrighted also.

> Consequences of copyright infringement operate in a very real way,
> believe me! Don't monkey with copyrighted material unless you have the proper
> permission, please.
>   This will be the last time I rant about commercial fossil dealers and
> copyrights this year. Promise. Happy New Year everybody! Dan Varner.