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Tinker preparation...

    I have been somewhat verbal over the past few weeks concerning the 
negative criticism, by some list memers, of the discoverers and the 
preparation of the juvenile T-Rex now referred to as "Tinker". 
    I just got a post from Gil Parker, an amateur paleo in Kansas. I find 
that a T-Rex mandible that I assisted his son, Tim Parker with, is a part of 
"Tinker". Tim is a graduate student at KU, Lawrence, Kansas, and is working 
under the direction of Dr. Larry Martin, and David Burnham, both of whom we 
know to be respected "professional" paleontologists. I hope this would dispel 
the theory that the "professional" and "scientific" aspects of this specimen, 
its preparation, and future are invalid. This is another instance of 
criticism on the List, being leveled at someone before the facts of the case 
are fully known, or the facts perhaps being ignored completely, simply to 
deliver some rhetoric. I am proud of, and I applaud the efforts of the 
"Tinker" team, and my friends at KU.