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Arundel dig possibility (more details)

Hi again gang,

First off, this is a brief general message to allay concerns regarding the 
location of my site. I kind of took it for granted that most list members 
know me from my Arundel posts and thus knew what part of the universe I was 
talking about. I also want to thank Allan Edels for his accurate assessment 
of the situation.

The Arundel Clay is the middle member of a tripartite divided Potomac 
Group(?) which only occurs in Maryland and mostly between Baltimore Md. and 
Washington DC. North and south of this the Arundel is not preserved resulting 
in what stratigraphers outside of Md refer to as Potomac Undiff. (in Va to 
the SW and in De., NJ to the NE)
This is one of the salient reasons why the fauna of this terrestrial unit are 
so unique and it occurs no where else in eastern N. America! The closest 
contemporaneous fauna occur in the Clovery, Cedar Mt., Trinity, and Antlers 
Fms of the Weestern Interior.

Hope this clears up the "confusion"

I also have gotten a surprising amount of replies, so much that I cannot 
possibly answer them now on my shortened lunch break. I will however, reply 
en masse later this evening as I have two classes to attend after work. This 
will give more time to pick up a few more late enquireys.


Thomas R. Lipka
Paleontological/Geological Studies