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new book

     I'm pleased to announce publication of the latest book in my "Life of 
     the Past" series for Indiana University Press:  Ken Carpenter's _Eggs, 
     Nests, and Baby Dinosaurs: A Look at Dinosaur Reproduction_ (ISBN 
     0-253-33497-7).  This book is chock full of interesting information 
     about how they DID it, and the consequences thereof.  Plenty of 
     information about what characterizes the various kinds of dinosaur 
     eggs, and what we know about the way baby dinosaurs grew up.  Plus 
     oodles of black and white and color art from such folks as Greg Paul, 
     Mike Skrepnick, Larry Felder, Doug Henderson, and Luis Rey, a lot of 
     which I'll bet will be new to most readers.  
     For more information, visit IU Press' website at 
     or order it at iuporder@indiana.edu
     or phone
     See, now wasn't that helpful?  So, in gratitude, turn in your orders 
     and make Ken a rich and happy man, OK?
     Jim Farlow