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Comments appreciated


I've posted a couple photos of my nearly completed sculpture of the
"fighting dinos" of Mongolia on my web site for review and comment. I'm
still doing some detail work on it in preparation for making a mold and
producing some casts. Since the molding process destroys the original, I'd
like to correct any errors before I take that irreversible step! (The color,
of course, will be corrected in each cast, so that isn't a concern at this
point. The original is made of clay and a neat molding compound called Dos
Pronto, which I used for the bones).

I'll also be taking some additional photos from a series of angles and
adding them to the page. (Geocities seems to be doing whatever it can to
make page construction and maintenance more and more difficult for some

You can see the photos and a brief description of the piece at

All comments are appreciated.