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New Papers

Hi All -

        Some new refs just crossed my path:

Benton, M.J. 1999. Early origins of modern birds and mammals: molecules vs.
morphology. _BioEssays_ 21: 1043-1051.

...and then, a bit outside the dinosaur realm:

Reynoso, V.H. 2000. An unusual aquatic sphenodontian (Reptilia: Diapsida)
fomr the Tlayua Formation (Albian), central Mexico. _Journal of
Paleontology_ 74(1): 133-148.

Brochu, C.A. 2000. _Borealosuchus_ (Crocodylia) from the Paleocene of Big
Bend National Park, Texas. _Journal of Paleontology_ 74(1): 181-187.

        Also in _JP_ is one obviously non-dinosaurian paper:

Alonso, J., Arillo, A., Barron, E., Corral, J.C., Grimalt, J., Lopez, J.F.,
Lopez, R., Martinez-Delclos, X., Ortuno, V., Penalver, E.,  and Trincao,
P.R. 2000. A new fossil resin with biological inclusions in Lower
Cretaceous deposits from Alava (northern Spain, Basque-Cantabrian Basin).
_Journal of Paleontology_ 158-178.

...which is of mild interest because it mentions (but does not figure) the
occurrence of feathers preserved in the amber from this site.

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