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Re: PALEONEWS:Huge dinosaur's neck bones unearthed in Texas

This line is also from the article.
"It is extremely rare. Only a partial cervical vertebrae of an adult
                  has been found before in the late Cretaceous." 

Is this true? I know Gilmore collected a partially articulated specimen
from the North Horn Formation in central Utah.  I can't recall whether
or not he collected cervicals.

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Betty Cunningham wrote:
> http://www.cnn.com/2000/NATURE/02/02/science.dinosaur.reut/index.html
> Huge dinosaur's neck bones unearthed in Texas
> more on non-Sauroposeidon Sauropod from texas:
> (excerpt)
> Carter and two colleagues began digging at that location early in 1999.
> By late in 1999 they had found 10 articulated neck vertebrae.
> "Never before has an articulated neck of this length and quality of
> preservation been found anywhere in the world from the Cretaceous
> Period," Carter said.
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