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Still More New Papers...

Hi All -

        More refs just came to my attention:

Hou, L. 1999. New hesperornithid (Aves) from the Canadian Arctic.
_Vertebrata PalAsiatica_ 37(3): 228-233.

        - new genus & species: _Canadaga arctica_ from the
mid-Maastrichtian of Bylot Island, Canada, represented by 3 cervicals, one
caudal, and two femora.

Zhao, H. and Zhao, Z.-K. 1999. A new form of elongatoolithid dinosaur eggs
from the Lower Cretaceous Shahai Formation of Heishan, Liaoning Province.
_Vertebrata PalAsiatica_ 37(4): 278-284.

        - new ootaxon: _Heishanoolithus changii_

Yu, X.-Q., Kobayashi, Y., and Lu, J.-C. 1999. The preliminary study of the
dinosaur footprints from Huangshan, Anhui Province. _Vertebrata
PalAsiatica_ 37(4): 285-290.

        - theropod, ornithopod, and sauropod prints associated with bone
and egg from this site.

Also in _VP_ 37(4), pp. 330-333 is a review of Chatterjee's _The Rise of
Birds_ book, but it's all in Chinese and I can't read it.  8-/


Evans, S.E. and Manabe, M. 1999. Early Cretaceous lizards from the
Okurodani Formation of Japan. _Geobios_ 32(6): 889-899.

        - new taxon: _Sakurasaurus shokawensis_ from Gifu Prefecture.

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