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That's right. In the park next to my parents house there are
numerous chickens running loose and very often in the evening
they retire for the night into the trees, so you see groups
of chickens sleeping in trees. Not something you expect of
chickens, really. Also during the day quite regularly you can see
a chicken up a large tree too, sometimes even at two or three
meters above the ground. And they definately fly up there; they
don't climb up the trees.

Jarno Peschier

Joseph Daniel <jdaniel@aristotle.net> on 02/03/2000 05:44:55 PM

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Subject:  Re: dinosaur vs. bird locomotion

>I can say from the years that I raised chickens that we had to either keep them
>in cages with ceilings or clip their wings. They flew in a most ungainly
>fashion and not for long distances, more of an incredible superleap, but flew
>they did. Imagine Orville and Wilbur Wright's first flight.

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