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Re: Jurassic Park 3

Afmayor@aol.com wrote:
><< the movie will be called "JP 3 On the Edge of Chaos."  It is supposidely 
>being written by Spielberg, but being directed by the guy who directed 
>October Sky. >>
>I met the director Joe Johnston, his special effects man, and Homer Hickam, 
>the science teacher who inspired "October Sky" at Horner's Hell Creek dig 
>last  summer. Johnston was working there on his "vacation" and was thrilled 
>to have found a t rex tooth, which he donated to the MOR. He was hoping to 
>find the rest...
        For those of you who do not live, breath and eat Star Wars the eight
hours of the day you do not do the same for dinosaurs, Joe Johnston was
involved in the production design of Empire and Jedi, and I believe A New
Hope as well. I other words, he helped design most of the vehicles you saw
on the screen. IMHO, the man is a master of visual style. I do not remember
his directing credits offhand, but a quick check on the Web turned up The
Rocketeer and Jumanji. I remember him having done a couple more movies as
well. Anyway, maybe, just maybe, we'll get to see DIFFERENT dinosaurs this
time. Since he was hangin' with Horner, hopefully some will be hadrosaurs! :)

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