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Peacocks can get up into trees and screech loudly during the day. There used to 
be a
pair loose in Berkeley which greatly annoyed the neighbors.  - Sylvia Hope

Jarno_Peschier@saybolt.nl wrote:

> That's right. In the park next to my parents house there are
> numerous chickens running loose and very often in the evening
> they retire for the night into the trees, so you see groups
> of chickens sleeping in trees. Not something you expect of
> chickens, really. Also during the day quite regularly you can see
> a chicken up a large tree too, sometimes even at two or three
> meters above the ground. And they definately fly up there; they
> don't climb up the trees.
> Greetings,
> Jarno Peschier
> Joseph Daniel <jdaniel@aristotle.net> on 02/03/2000 05:44:55 PM
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> Subject:  Re: dinosaur vs. bird locomotion
> >I can say from the years that I raised chickens that we had to either keep 
> >them
> >in cages with ceilings or clip their wings. They flew in a most ungainly
> >fashion and not for long distances, more of an incredible superleap, but flew
> >they did. Imagine Orville and Wilbur Wright's first flight.
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