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Pedantry (was RE: Gingko berries as evidence of dino sense of smell?)

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> Perhaps dinosaur extinction was caused by the closing of too many Chinese
> restaurants at the K-T boundary resulting in a lack of dietary
> Gingko Biloba.

Please, let us get our taxonomic grammar correct, even if the "nutritional
supplement" crowd doesn't:  It is _Gingko biloba_.  Uppercase "G", lowercase
"b", and italicized.

And don't anyone use the phrase "Homo Sapien" in my hearing or reading...

> The point, however, is whether all of this indicates anything useful about
> dino noses.

*Unsubstantiated, undocumented rumor alert*: my paleobotany professor
related a story that, at a zoo where crocs of some sort were kept in a pen
with gingko trees for shade, the crocs would gobble up the gingko "fruit"
almost as soon as they fell.  Perhaps they smell really tasty to

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