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Re: Dinosaurs living on in the Orient (fwd)

Dear List,
Martin Whyte has given me permission to forward this.  
It refers to earlier posts regarding putative post K/T dinosaur eggs.

Dear John,

I have just reread Professor Zhao's abstract and see that he does 
claim to have some limited palynological evidence for placing the 
K/T boundary within a 20m section.  Professor Zhao also had more 
than one geochemical anomaly in his sequence; his abstract 
mentions both two, which is what I remember from his talk, and 
multiple events. 

Professor Zhao was obviously not happy with peoples' objections.  
However, as both sides were sticking to their guns, things were 
essentialy at an impasse.  It will be interesting to see what 
happens in the Symposium volume when that is published.  If 
Professor Zhao has already published his data elsewhere  - I think 
he may have done so in a Chinese journal - then this may be 
another factor in his reluctance to consider alternative 

I passed through Beijing in December and visited Professor Zhao, 
though only briefly, as he had been ill and was still very frail.  I am 
afraid that our discussions never got round to his geochemical work 
but even if he is wrong on the dating his results give interesting 
information on the late Cretaceous palaeoenvironments and 

All the best,

Martin Whyte