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RE: How to be a paleontologist

Hi all,

In high-school I got really discouraged from my goal to be a paleontologist when I was placed in a below average math class (called the general stream in our schoolboard). Then suddenly I realized that what any one of these other bone-heads, who have no real academic ambition, can do I can do as well.

So, consequently, I busted my ass and now I am an honor student at my college. I'm now succeeding quite well in my college's "moderately" demanding (I won't exaggerate too much)pure and applied science program. I know another researcher at the CMN who also had his difficulty with math. He persevere by working harder--that's all

My point is, if math (or the course you have difficulty with) is discouraging--just work harder. Eventually math will become simple. I think that math is one of the more valuable tools in paleontology--that makes it my motivation to succeed in mathematics. So, the truth is, I don't think that you have to give up your dream to earn advanced degrees toward becoming a paleontologist. If you really will it enough, then there should be no issue about what courses you find difficulty with.

Anyway, I could write many more paragraphs, but then I'd just be rambling.


Martin Brazeau
1st Year Pure&Applied Science
Heritage College
Hull Quebec

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