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Re: Gingko berries as evidence of dino sense of smell?

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Subject: Re: Gingko berries as evidence of dino sense of smell?

> Actually, the Chinese do NOT eat the FRUIT, they eat the soft berry which
> inside the "seed" or "nut."
    Not knowing you were supposed to eat the INSIDE of the nut, (when
someone told me that the "friut" was edible) I once tasted the outer fleshy
part. Trust me, it smells a LOT better than it tastes!
    BTW, most feed mixes for parrots include dried chili peppers, and some
parrots love them. Are they hot? Ask my son - when he was little, he liked
to eat the peanuts and sunflowers from the mix; then one day, he tried a red
one - OW, OW, OW. How does this reflect on the sense of taste in dinosaurs?
Perhaps not too clearly, since, aren't all LIVING dinosaurs descended from
carnivores, not herbivores?

    Bruce Shillinglaw

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