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Re: Jurassic Park 3

Jurassic Park 3?

When the first one came out I thought goodo, and wasn't disappointed.

When I read the book to the second one, I thought goodo, and when it came
out on film I though no-no!

A third one? Do you think Speilberg would stick his neck out and have some
feathered dinosaurs in the next one? I ask with my tongue firmly placed in
my cheek, as A) I know that this topic makes the feathers fly in
Sci.Bio.Paleontology newsgroup, and B) would Speilberg be big enough to go
back and put feathers on his over-sized 'raptors?

Some how, sadly, I think the answer to both points will be a sad resounding

So much for scientific fact! Why let that stand in the way of a good drama?

Tony Hedges