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Re: Alamosaurus Cervicals (Wagner)

Yes Wagner, I'm still lurking out here :)

No cervicals of Alamosaurus have been officially described in the literature,
though several have been collected. The legendary Barnum Brown collected a
single sauropod cervical from the Big Bend country way back in c.a. 1941 which,
to my knowledge, has never been described (maybe still sitting in its field
jacket on some dusty shelf). Dr. Langston has several Alamosaurus blocks at UT
waiting to be opened, though I don't think any were field-identified as
containing cervicals. Dr. Tom Lehman and his students at Texas Tech have
collected tons (literally and figuratively) of Alamosaurus material over the
years, and some cervical material is included therein. The Dallas crowd claims
to have sauropod material from Big Bend coming out the wazoo, though no useful
anatomic/descriptive info has come from them as yet. I'm sure someone will have
a more detailed description of at least some of these specimens available in
the not-too-distant future.

        Alan Coulson
        Dept. of Marine, Earth, and Atmospheric Sciences
        North Carolina State University

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